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What is RentDodo?

RentDodo is a proptech startup transforming the rental process in Ireland with its flagship product, TenantCert, streamlining the process for tenants and property managers.

Rent easier with RentDodo.

Our story

In a rapidly evolving digital age, the property rental sector seemed stuck in time. RentDodo was born out of a sheer need to bring efficiency, security, and innovation to a market that, for too long, remained stagnant. From our early beginnings, we recognized the friction points between tenants, landlords, and property managers - and we knew we could create a solution.

Our vision

"To transform renting into a seamless experience, akin to online shopping."

Renting a property shouldn’t be a cumbersome process. By leveraging the latest in proptech, our vision is to simplify the renting journey for everyone involved, making it as easy and straightforward as buying a product online.

What we do

Our flagship offering, TenantCert, is at the forefront of our innovative approach. Designed with both renters and property managers in mind, TenantCert offers a secure hub where tenants can store all pre-letting information. This revolutionises the rental process by streamlining applicant pre-screening, ensuring faster turnovers and GDPR-compliant processes for property managers.

Why choose RentDodo?

Transparency: We prioritise clear communication and complete transparency throughout the rental process.

Convenience: With all pre-letting information in one place, renting has never been this straightforward.

Data privacy: Your personal data is invaluable. We've made it our mission to protect it fiercely.

Join us on our journey

Whether you're a tenant, a landlord, a letting agent, or simply someone interested in the future of renting, we invite you to be a part of our mission. Together, we can redefine the rental experience.

For any inquiries, please contact us.

Meet the team

Get to know the faces behind RentDodo and discover the people working tirelessly to make your rental journey extraordinary.

Conor McGarry

CEO & Founder

Rachel Gammell

Customer Service & QA

Daniel Gadd

Lead Developer

Praneeth Korukonda


Dorian Knezevic


rent dodo

Rent easier with RentDodo.

RentDodo is made and hosted in Ireland.

Registered office: Broadmeadow Hall, Applewood, Swords, Co. Dublin. Company no.: 686534.


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