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RentDodo is an easy, secure, and unique platform for renting in Ireland. Start your search for rentals from verified landlords and letting agents only.

Are you a property manager looking to rent your place?

Our features

Discover RentDodo's cutting-edge features designed to redefine and enhance your rental experience.


The easy and secure way for tenants to share their info when applying to rent.


RentDodo is at the forefront of revolutionising the residential property lettings market through its innovative and customer-centric proptech solutions. Read more about our features here.

User benefits

Dive into the advantages RentDodo delivers, enriching the journey for tenants and streamlining operations for property managers.

Benefits for tenants

Benefits for tenants

Secure way to apply for your next rental property

Complete your pre-letting information only once

Manage and track who has access to your information

Avoid sending emails, reduce data abuse and even fraud

Benefits for property managers

Benefits for property managers

Verified applicants with no manual data entry

Quickly identify the best applicants for your next property

We verify applicants’ IDs, income and contact information

Helps you keep on top of your GDPR obligations

RentDodo is changing the game for renters and property professionals – join now and access our platform for free!

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Stay informed with RentDodo's latest insights and articles: your hub for all things rental.

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Verifying Your Identity on RentDodo

At RentDodo, our aim is to build a community where all users trust each other while helping to tackle rental fraud and scams.

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Understanding Data Protection With Rental Applications

In the modern digital era, with rapid technological advancements and the influence of regulations like GDPR, data privacy has become a critical issue worldwide.

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How to Claim the Rent Tax Credit in Ireland

Updated for 2024: learn how renters can claim the increased €750 rent tax credit announced in Budget 2024.

rent dodo

Rent easier with RentDodo.

RentDodo is made and hosted in Ireland.

Registered office: Broadmeadow Hall, Applewood, Swords, Co. Dublin. Company no.: 686534.

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